Natural hair by definition hasn’t been changed by chemical straighteners, consisting of relaxers and also texturizers. Pushed hair may still be taken into consideration natural because once washed, the appearance generally returns to its unaltered state (as long as no warm damage has actually taken place).

Natural Hair Characteristics

In regards to all-natural black hair, there’s nobody dimension fits all when it concerns structure and also development patterns, but in general, natural black hair usually varies from wavy to kinky-coily, with a large range of variant in between both. (As well as yes, some black people have normally straight hair as well.) As a matter of fact, structure distinctions exist not just in family members, including siblings, yet even on the very same head of hair. In general, black hair kinds have a tendency to be:

  • Drier to the touch than various other hair appearances
  • Very challenging to over-condition
  • Fragile

Natural hair can look strong, however this is a really fragile texture and also needs to be dealt with because of this. This implies constant conditioning as well as moisturizing and also as little direct warm as feasible to maintain optimum wellness.

Versatility of Natural Hair: Style Possibilities

Among the most effective facets of all-natural hair is being able to take pleasure in a big selection of styles. A few of these coiffures imitate chemically corrected locks, however lots of are unique to having no texture-altering chemicals on your hair. Hairstyles that function specifically well with all-natural appearances consist of:

  • Spins
  • Braids and also cornrows
  • Afro or TWA
  • Bantu Knots

Can You Color Your Hair and Still be All-natural?

This is a matter up for dispute in some natural circles, yet most of the times, tinted hair is still all-natural as long as there are no texture-altering chemicals on the hair as well. The concern of “genuine natural” enters into play when you take into consideration that some have experienced appearance changes because of the color (this likewise occasionally accompanies henna application). Unless your hair is bleached or colored numerous levels far from your natural color, you most likely won’t experience any kind of loosening of your structure. If you have no relaxer or texturizer on your locks, however you tint it, you should still consider yourself to have all-natural hair. Certain, it’s not one hundred percent natural as a result of the color, yet the structure is normally what many individuals refer to when referencing “natural hair.”

Are Texturizers Natural?

Texturizers are chemicals created to break down the protein bonds in your hair in order to permanently transform the appearance. Some products market themselves as “natural texturizers” or claim they can raise the manageability of your hair by application and also warm. They generally contain the same energetic components as relaxers, simply in lower amounts. However, some natural-haired ladies report being duped by hairstylists that apply these chemicals under the role of making an individual’s hair “a lot more convenient” without totally divulging what the product includes. This is why some watch out for mosting likely to any type of stylist as well as choose to do their hair all on their own. If you’re truly interested in being all-natural, avoid any type of products which contain questionable components.

Can I Press My Hair and also Still be Natural?

As an aligning method, thermal styling is more effective to texturizing due to the fact that ideally, you can damp your tresses and also they’ll return to their natural state. Some females frequently push their locks, however, and with time, their manes come to be heat-trained. Heat-trained hair has a various structure than hair that hasn’t suffered this “controlled damage,” so it’s not truly natural, although it may appear that way.