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Men's Page Well groomed sex appeal...
Men's Page


For your convenience we have gathered together, on this one page, services available for men. For a more comprehesive explanation of services available for both men and women, go to the main services pages.


Haircuts for men Classic or Trendy...
Haircuts for men

Our experienced team of professionals is extensively trained to provide you with everything from the most classic to the trendiest hair design. A great haircut is the essential foundation for your personal style and appearance. The beauty of a well designed cut is that it will conveniently maintain its style and shape for 3 to 6 weeks simplifying your life! Our haircuts include shampooing, conditioning, haircut/design, and final styling.

We offer a multi-level pricing structure so that you have options. Our entire team of professionals is licensed & experienced. Each must meet the high standards established by Headlines Salon Skill Certification Program. Advancement to the next level is achieved by experience, technical skills, educational endeavors, team cooperation, senority, reliability and ultimately, the most important factor, client satisfaction. Please ask our Salon Coordinator to recommend the appropriate professional for you.


We recommend:

  • A Complimentary Consultation so you can see our salon and meet one of our stylist without any obligation.

  • Consulting with several of our stylists, if you would like, to see which best suits you and your personality.

  • Trying several of our stylists so you have options.
    We are professionals and work as a team.

  • Bringing a picture of a style you like, which is welcomed and often very helpful. This gives us a sense of your taste and we can make suggestions accordingly.

  • A Haircut every 3-6 weeks.

  • A Reconditioning Treatment every 3-6 weeks, especially, for those with dry, colored or permed hair. This treatment may be conveniently scheduled with each haircut appointment.

  • The use of Professional Hair Care Products for at home use. We offer a great selection on a variety of product lines priced below suggested retail!

  • Allowing ample time for your appointment.

  Haircuts - Men 30 mins. $38
  Beard Trim   5 mins. $8
  Reconditioning Treatment 15 mins. $15
  Shampoo & Blow Dry 15 mins. $25 - $35
  Blow Dry Only 15 mins. $20 - $30

Haircoloring for men Add A Little Color To Your Life...
Haircoloring for men

We are the haircolor experts!

A Complimentary Haircolor Consultation awaits you. Enhance and enrich your natural color - or become a blonde! Express yourself in a new way or cover that gray. Our professional L'Oreal or Vero coloring formulas softly, gently color your hair, as well as, add new texture and body. Our color specialists will help you choose the most suitable coloring process for your hair type - everything from a non-ammonia semi-permanent treatment to a full color bath. Our complimentary haircoloring consultation is always available to you.

We recommend:

  • Discussing with us your lifestyle, maintenance requirements and abilities, so that we may suggest the most suitable color options for you.

  • Always scheduling the appropriate interval between color appointments, so that only you and your hairdresser will know for sure.

  • Haircolor every 3-4 weeks for grey coverage or more dramatic color variations.

  • Haircolor every 6-8 weeks for more subtle color variations.

  • Reconditioning Treatments with every color appointment.

  • Clear Color Shines to add even more shine.


  Corrective Color By Consultation By Consultation
  Two Process Color By Consulation By Consultation
  One Process Color 1 hr. 15 mins. $55 & up
  Glossing / Henna 1 hr. 15 mins. $55 & up
  Lash Tint 20 mins. $30 & up
  Brow Tint 20 mins. $20 & up

Skin Care for men Facial Treatments...
Skin care for men

Facials are pampering, relaxing and most of all beneficial. They are designed to thoroughly cleanse & renew the appearance and texture of ones skin, as well as, treat various conditions of the skin.

Treatments are customized for your particular skin care needs and goals. Questions regarding your diet, level of exercise, intake of water and general health are an important part of our extensive evalulation to best treat your specific needs.

All of our treatments will begin with a consultation and an in depth analysis of your skin, then a thorough cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steam, mask and a massage of the face, neck, shoulders and decollete. Specific treatments will include varying degrees of massage, extractions and high frequency.

Only the finest and most effective professional skin care products and techniques will be use for your treatments. We use and recommend Clarins from Paris & MD Formulations Products. All products in these lines are available in our retail center and guaranteed to be priced the same or below any competitor.

For optimal results and savings, skin care and body care treatments are available in series. A Series is the purchase of 6 or more of one particular service to receive a 10% savings.

Clarins European Facial (F-1) $75

A relaxing and beneficial experience designed for all skin types. This facial includes a consultation and an in depth analysis of your skin, then a thorough cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steam, mask and a massage of the face, neck, shoulders and decollete. Only the finest Clarins skin care products will be use for your treatment.

Appointment: 1 Hour 15 Mins. Treatment: 1 Hour
Deep Cleansing Facial (F-2) $85

A treatment designed to cleanse the effects of environmental impurities, correct minor skin imperfections and promote a fresh youthful radiance.

Appointment: 1 Hour 15 Mins. Treatment: 1 Hour
Purifying Facial (F-3) $85

For young or oily skin types with acne/blemish problems. This treatment thoroughly cleanses and purifies the areas most prone to oiliness. Emphasis is on extractions to remove blackheads, milea and pustules combined with high frequency. Massage is minimal in this facial to avoid overstimulation of the oil glands.

Appointment: 1 Hour 15 Mins. Treatment: 1 Hour
Desensitizing Facial (F-4) $85

For sensitive skin which is especially vulnerable to wind, sun and pollution. This treatment is designed to calm and soothe, reduce redness, and even out skin tone. A great way to protect and restore balance to sensitive skin.

Appointment: 1 Hour 15 Mins. Treatment: 1 Hour
Revitalizing & Firming Facial (F-5) $85

For dry or mature skin types. A firming facial treatment tailored to visibly improve the hydration, texture and elasticity of your skin. Minimizes the signs of aging and promotes a more youthful appearance.

Appointment: 1 Hour 15 Mins. Treatment: 1 Hour
Glycolic Facial Peel (F-6) $65

An AHA Alpha Hydroxy Peel is a treatment designed to accelerate cell regeneration. With each application of this chemical peel you are removing the older surface layers of the epidermis and exposing new fresh skin cells. The use of sunscreen is mandatory. A Series of treatments and an at home maintenance program yields the best results. The results are impressive and immediate, a softer younger looking skin.

Appointment: 30 Mins. Treatment: 20 Mins.
Specialized Masks (F-7) add $30

Custom blended masks may be added to enhance treatments.

Collagen Anti-Aging Mask For Dehydrated Skin
Spiruline Calming Mask For Irritated Skin
Azulene Desensitizing Mask For Sensitive Skin
Cold Modeling Rehydrating Mask For Dehydrated Skin
Thermal Mask with Essential Oils For Combination Skin
Remineralizing Algae Mask For Devitalized Skin
Specialized Ampules (F-8) add $30

Ampules may be added to enhance treatments results.

Fresh CellsFor Sun Damaged Skin
Collagen For Dehydrated Skin
Mini-Facial (F-9) $50

A 20 minute refreshing pick-me-up facial for a special occasion.

Appointment: 30 Mins. Treatment: 20 Mins.
Self Tan Face Treatment (F-10)$35

For a healthy glow. We apply a granular facial exfoliant to the face and neck area followed by an application of Clarins Face Self Tanner.

Appointment: 20 Mins. Treatment: 15 Mins.

Nail Care for men Well Groomed Nails - A Professional Must...

No matter what condition your nails are in, our professional nail technicians are the experts that can transform them. They will trim, buff, and shape your nails into masculine perfection.

Starting now, you can be perfectly groomed from head to toe.


We recommend:

  • A manicure weekly and a pedicure monthly.


Manicure Classic to the Ultimate...

Classic Sports Manicure (MM-1) 30 mins. $18 - $20

Includes a warm cleansing soak, sloughing of the cuticles, push shaping of the cuticles, filing and shaping of the nails, moisturizing and massage of the hands, buffing of the nails to stimulate circulation, and a finishing oil is applied to complete a well groomed finish.

Paraffin Sports Manicure (MM-5) 45 mins. $25

A classic manicure plus a special skin softening treatment. This treatment includes exfoliation to remove the dry surface layer of skin, an application of Clarins Rich Mositurizer Cream, then the hands are triple dipped into warm peach paraffin wax, wrapped in plastic and placed into terry cloth mitts, the warmth then pentrates the emollients deep into the skin.

Spa Sports Manicure (MM-6) 45 mins. $25

With the use of Creative Nail Spa products, this manicure is like a facial for the hands. This treatment includes our Classic Manicure plus a refreshing citrus soak, AHA crystal exfoliators, a moisturizing citrus mask, and special massage oils to pamper you.

Platnium Sports Manicure (MM-7) 1 hr. $40

For those who want the best ... a combination of our Classic, Paraffin and Spa manicures.


Other Hand Treatments
Paraffin Hand Treatment (MM-12) 10 mins. $10

A special skin softening treatment for rough, dry hands which is available as an a la carte. This treatment includes exfoliation of the dry surface layer of the skin, an application of Clarins Rich Mositurizing Cream, then the hands are triple dipped into a vat of warm peach paraffin wax, wrapped in plastic and placed into terry cloth mitts, the warmth then pentrates the emollients deep into the skin.

Hand Massage (MM-13) 10 mins. $15

By popular request, for those who want more of a good thing. This wonderful 10 minute hand massage is offered as an a la carte service or may be added to your regular nail service.

Repair (MM-14) 5 mins. $3

The repairing of a break or crack in a single nail using a special nail glue.


Pedicures Put Your Best Foot Forward..

Our Classic Sports pedicures are simply the best! Tailored to men that are active, on their feet alot and want to be well groomed. Whether for those intimate moments or a day at the beach, you can confidently put your best foot forward.

It is easy to enjoy being pampered while sitting in our comfortable pedicure chair with a lumbar back massager. Indulge yourself or someone special to one of our specialty pedicures.

Classic Sports Pedicure (PM-1) 45 Mins. $40

Begins with a warm whirlpool foot bath to thoroughly cleanse and slough off the cuticles, then we exfoliate, file and shape the nails, moisturize and massage the lower legs and feet. A natural buffing and finishing oil completes this pedicure.

Paraffin Sports Pedicure (PM-5) 45 mins. $50

A classic pedicure plus a special skin softening treatment. This treatment includes exfoliation to remove the dry surface layer of skin, an application of moisturizer, then the feet are painted with a warm paraffin wax, wrapped in plastic and placed into terry cloth booties, the warmth then penetrates the emollients deep into the skin.

Spa Sports Pedicure (PM-6) 1 hr. $50

Like a facial for the feet! Beginning with our Classic Pedicure we then add the use of Creative Nail Spa products, special exfoliators, masks, and massage oils to pamper you.

Platnium Sports Pedicure (PM-7) 1 hr. $60

For those who want the best ... a combination of our classic, paraffin and spa pedicures.


Waxing for men Smooth All Over...
Waxing for men

Bodily hair can be removed from the arms, chest, stomach, shoulders, back and legs, whether for athletic endeavors or esthetics. A warm honey wax is expertly applied after sterilizing the area with antiseptic lotions. After a few moments, the wax and hair are removed with a minimum of discomfort by one of our experienced technicians, leaving your skin smooth for up to four weeks.

  Full Leg 45 mins. $65 - $75
  Back 30 mins. $50
  Shoulders 20 mins. $30
  Chest 20 mins. $30
  Stomach 15 mins. $25
  Chest & Stomach 30 mins. $50

Massage for men The Ultimate In Stress Reduction...
Massage for men

Massage Therapy is beneficial for everyone, the highly stressed executive, the hardworking professional, the athlete, the physically active, or those suffering from chronic pain. Massage has been proven to reduce stress, relieve stiff aching muscles, increase energy, and promote a sense of well-being.

Our therapists combine a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Your massage will be tailored to your needs and preferences.

We offer two environments for your massage experience. One, our "Stress Relief" massage chair*, which is for those on the go, those who perfer to be fully dressed, and those who would just like a sampling of our massage therapists style. The other Full Body and Back Massages are for those chosing the luxury and the benefits of lying in a restful, softly lighted room, with soothing music to completely experience the healing benefits of massage. Massage is an on going healing process and we will recommend a frequency according to your needs, and your level of commitment to the process.

Here are some tips on how to receive and enjoy a massage:

Tell your therapist which areas you would like to focus on and which to avoid. During your massage, let the therapist know if you feel pain or discomfort at any time.

For most massages, undress completely and ly under the draping sheet. A robe is provided if you should need to leave the massage room. You will be draped with a sheet throughout your service for privacy and comfort.

The pressure or touch of a massage can be adjusted for you. Deeper does not always mean better. Let your therapist know to reduce the pressure if you find yourself holding your breath or tightening up, the point is to relax.

Remember, close your eyes, relax, inhale deeply and let your tensions fade with each breath. Allow your mind and body to enjoy this time that is just for you.


Massages Make Ideal Gifts!

  Introductory Seated Stress Relief Massage*  5 mins. $5
  Seated Stress Relief Massage* 10 mins. $15
  Back Massage - Swedish 25 mins. $45
  Back Massage - Deep Tissue 25 mins. $55
  Body Massage - Swedish 50 mins. $75
  Body Massage - Deep Tissue 50 mins. $95


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