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Haircuts for Men and Women

Our experienced team of professionals is extensively trained to provide you with everything from the most classic to the trendiest hair design. A great haircut is the essential foundation for your personal style and appearance. The beauty of a well designed cut is that it will conveniently maintain its style and shape for 3 to 6 weeks simplifying your life! Our haircuts, for both men and women, include shampooing, conditioning, haircut/design, and final styling.

We offer a multi-level pricing structure so that you have options. Our entire team of professionals is licensed & experienced. Each must meet the high standards established by Headlines Salon Skill Certification Program. Advancement to the next level is achieved by experience, technical skills, educational endeavors, team cooperation, senority, reliability and ultimately, the most important factor, client satisfaction. Please ask our Salon Coordinator to recommend the appropriate professional for you.


We recommend:

  • A Complimentary Consultation so you can see our salon and meet one of our stylist without any obligation.

  • Consulting with several of our stylists, if you would like, to see which best suits you and your personality.

  • Trying several of our stylists so you have options.

  • We are professionals and work as a team.

  • Bringing a picture of a style you like, which is welcomed and often very helpful. This gives us a sense of your taste and we can make suggestions accordingly.

  • A Haircut every 3-6 weeks.

  • A Reconditioning Treatment every 3-6 weeks, especially, for those with dry, colored or permed hair. This treatment may be conveniently scheduled with each haircut appointment.

  • For clients with long hair or those growing their hair, regular trims every 6-8 weeks. This is very important to keep your longer hair in healthy condition and to accomplish your goal. We promise to work with you and just trim the very ends.

  • The use of Professional Hair Care Products for at home use. We offer a great selection on a variety of product lines priced below suggested retail!

  • Allowing ample time for your appointment.

  Haircuts - Women 45 mins. $55 - $60
  Haircuts - Men 30 mins. $38 - $40
  Reconditioning Treatment 15 mins. $20 - $25
  Shampoo & Blow Dry 20 mins. $30 - $35
  Blow Dry Only 15 mins. $25 - $30
  Shampoo Only   5 mins. $8 & up
  Beard Trim   5 mins. $8 & up
  Bang Trim   5 mins. $8 & up
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